Thursday, May 30, 2013

Get It Beauty Blind Test: Orange Lipstick

This' weeks blind test was on orange colored lipstick. I'm really glad they did it on orange lipsticks because I have been loving orange and coral lip products lately.

Here are the results:


#1 (Winner): Espoir No Wear Touch Lipstick in Spotlight
3.7 g, 18,000 Won
237/300 Points

#2 Mac Lipstick in Morange 
3g, 27,000 Won
227/300 Points

#3 Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in #3 Dreaming Orange
3.5 g, 12,000 Won
224/300 Points

#4 Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Rouge Unlimited in Bright Orange
3.7g, 35,000 won 
222/300 Points

5. Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense in No.40
2.5g, 32,000 Won
221/300 Points

*Points are based on longevity, application, pigmentation, and overall satisfaction.  
The blind test was done by Get It Beauty's blind test team, the audience at the show, and special online voters.

What do you think of orange colored lipsticks? 
Has anyone tried any of the ones up there? Any recommendations on orange lipsticks?

I have the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in another orange color and the Mac Morange. I really personally love the Innisfree Lipstick! I'm sure most of you already know, I've talked about it so many times! 

I kept this post really short because in about 2 hours, I will be heading to the LA Airport to leave for Korea. 
I'll keep you updated! BYE ^^


  1. I love orange lipsticks! Must check out the Espoir one :D Have a safe trip! ^^

  2. that innisfree creamy tint lipstick looks really interesting :O

  3. I have the innisfree one in that color! (I got it after reading your review~~ :D )
    It's really pretty and you can wear it vibrant or smudge it to be subtle and more natural looking!

  4. I feel like i can never pull of orange lipstick but i really wish i could ;-;

  5. i really want to try orange lipstick, especially the innisfree one, thanks for this helpful post
    have a safe trip :D

  6. I have the etude house jelly lips talk one in orange :)
    Havent tried it yet but i prefer sheer colour and not full on neon orange~

  7. I'm searching for the right bright orange and this post is really help a lot!
    Thanks for posting it :)


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