Monday, July 15, 2013

The things I bought in Korea (Makeup Haul)

Hellooooo~ Many of you asked me to share my purchases during my trip but I did not have the time to post during my trip due to a busy schedule. 5 weeks passed by so fast in South Korea, it felt like I was there for only a couple weeks! It has been exactly a week since I got back from South Korea and I am already missing my home country. 

I will start posting reviews this week of the products I started using while I was in South Korea. There is a product which I purchased the first week of my trip due to the great reviews from Korean bloggers and I am absolutely in LOVE with it! 

I hope you enjoy this post! -Sorry for the horrible pictures, I took these in a hurry before leaving for work. 

Etude House
The best Etude House shop (based on customer service) I've been to is the one in Gangnam, Jamsil Station(station for Lottle World), and Samchundong (the worker was so friendly!). The Itaewon Etude has very friendly workers too but the store is so tiny, it's hard to shop around in. 

The WORST store is the Insadong store. My sister and I were speaking to each other in English, so they assumed we didn't speak Korean and didn't bother to help us or give us the discount prices. I had to ask in Korean why he was charging me the full price when they were having a 20-50% sale, then he took out the samples he was going to give us if he charged us for original prices. He didn't even bother to greet us or say one word to us. DON'T SHOP HERE. I don't think I've ever felt this furious during a shopping trip. 

Style Nanda(Hongdae) - 3 Concept Eyes
You can try out all their makeup at the store, the workers are friendly too. 

I think THEFACESHOP is the easiest store to find around Seoul. It's everywhere! 
I don't think I had any bad experiences from THEFACESHOP. The best location for me was the one in Itaewon and the one inside Everland. I like the Itaewon store because the store is very big and easy to shop around in. Alot of the stores inside the stations are very small and crowded compared to the stores outside on the streets. 

Skinfood is hard to find, they don't have many locations compared to other brands. I went to the one in Gangnam (they give a lot of samples!) and the workers were very friendly. 

Olive Young
Olive Young is very easy to find around Seoul. They sell a lot of foreign brands, especially Japanese brands. 
If you want to take a look at Peripera products, Olive Young carries all of their products. 
The best olive brand I've been to is the one in Itaewon. It's HUGEEE and they have a lot of friendly workers. 

the SAEM
Another brand that is really hard to find. 
I like the store in Samchundong the most. 
I bought the mists from the one inside the Chunhodong station when I went to visit the Hyundai Mall and E-mart.  If you want to visit the Hyundai mall and E-mart, take Line 5 to Chunhodong station. Both the stores are connected from the station. 

Aritaum is easy to find in Seoul as well. They have many locations throughout Seoul, they even had one near my Aunt's house in the countryside. Aritaum sells Iope, Laneige, Mamonde, Amore Pacific, Modi Nails, Hanyul, and Odyssey. 

For me, the best location was the inside Gangnam Station. The worker was friendly and she let me use her membership card to get the Cushion tints for 1+1. 

Tony Moly 
Compared to last year, I saw many more Tony Moly shops around Seoul.
The best locations for me was the one inside the Hyundai mall in Chunhodong and the one inside Sadang Station. The workers at the Gangnam Tony Moly were not too friendly and the store was so small and crowded. Sadang Tony Moly had the friendliest customer service I've ever experienced in South Korea. 

I don't know too much about Innisfree products so I didnt buy much. 
Innisfree is easy to find in Seoul.
I really like the Innisfree in Gangnam and Insadong. 
The worker at Gangnam Station Innisfree was really nice and helpful too. 
I wanted to buy some lip products but they ran out of all the colors I wanted. 

Last minutes things I got from Etude and THEFACESHOP before leaving South Korea.
I bought some face washes and lip products from Etude for a friend but I couldn't take pictures because I gave them to her already. 

I don't have much samples as last year because I only bought things on sale days. On sale days, they don't give samples. 

I don't think I paid full prices for any of the makeup except at the Style Nanda (3 Concept Eyes) and Lucido-L hair essence, and at Skinfood. I looked at Gmarket's Beauty Calendar and wrote down all the sale dates of every brand and went to the stores only on the sales dates. 

*If you go into any makeup store during a sale day or event, don't be afraid to ask for the discounted prices even if you don't have a membership card. Tell them you are a foreigner and they will use their store membership card and give you the discounted prices. 

Also, if you are not in Korea for too long and want to visit all these stores, go to Myeongdong or Gangnam. I didn't visit Myeongdong this year because I have been there many times before but I really think this is the best place to shop. If you need to shop in a short amount of time Myeongdong or Gangnam is the place!


  1. Gawddd that haul is AMAZING! *___* Ugh, I'm so jealous ahhaa. The Insadong store incident sounds so crappy, ugh. Can't believe that happened to you, what a shopping mood killer. .__.

    Those Etude house lipsticks are awesome! ;n; Mwahhhhh -grabby hands-

    1. Yes, I promised myself I would never go into that Etude House ever again! They were having 50% sale on the color pop lip products so I grabbed a couple.

  2. Oh my.... goodness!! How much did you spend for everything? I know Korean cosmetics are overpriced abroad, even online. How lucky of u!! :)


    1. I'm not sure how much I spent but I made sure not to pay full price for anything. I only bought things on sale days. Last year I just bought items at regular price, so this year i definitely saved a lot compared to last year. They really are overpriced online!

  3. ohh so for foreigners, we can ask for discounted price too? I just knew it.. thanks for the info, Sally ^^
    and what a nice hauls :D
    can't wait for your review :D

  4. ah, such a great haul*-*
    Can't wait to go to all of the make up/skincare stores in Seoul><
    My wons are patiently waiting!^^

  5. Such an amazing haul and so many products!I'm jealous :D But I'm excited to read all your reviews.:D

  6. You didn't buy anything from Banila Co. and Too Cool For School? Anyway I love their products especially Banila Co. primer finish powder! And indeed I also run short of time to update blog in Korea..has been busy all the time! Ishh..

  7. Your haul looks amazing! And thank you for the tips! (:

  8. Huge huge huge haul!!! Must save lots of money before I go to Korea. Innisfree is a very good brand by the way

  9. Omg! Thank you so much for the tips! Your haul is huge and so amazing! Please review the Tony Moly Live CC Cream ^^

  10. Woah so many products!! Successful haul then? ;) hehe You should do reviews too! ^^

  11. You sure did buy a lot of I'm Blooming creams LOL but this really is an amazing haul * o * Hope you do reviews on some of them and thanks for sharing c:

  12. Oh my gosh, so many products!!!
    Hope you're gonna do some reviews.. :)

  13. Oh gosh Sally! That is a lot of products, haha.. I am waiting for some reviews - especially so for the Etude House products!

    And yeah, I do dislike shop assistants that judge you based on what you dress or how you talk, and try to cheat you! Thinking you are a tourist, and you are vulnerable >=(

    <3 Celly

  14. waawwwww, so manyyy productss >.<

    i am waiting for the reviewss ^^

  15. What a gigantic haul! I'm using the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask by Innisfree and lovin' it. Let me know how you like it!

    I'm most interested in the lip scrub by Tony Moly. Hope you put up a review on that in the future. ;)

    Thanks for sharing, Sally!

  16. Ahh I love this post! Now I know where to go and where not to go when I do visit Korea to buy all these stuff:)
    Can't wait to read all the reviews!
    Follow? Check:)

    P.S Please feel free to check out my blog at

  17. These look so cute!! I've actually never tried Korean makeup. But I'm going to HK for exchange in September so maybe I will pick up some asian makeup.

    Hope you'll check out my blog :)

  18. awesome haul!I saw so many products that I wanted to get for myself!

  19. super nice haul!! I've always wanted to go to korea and go makeup shopping! haha!

  20. i love your haul! its amazing ♥


  21. I am obsessed with korean products right now and you have made me more obsessed. Etude house is a temptress to be sure. I bought some korean cosmetics as well online. I hope you'd drop by my blog when I have posted my haul. Will follow you on bloglovin ;)

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  23. Innisfree gave me their 20 percent discount during their sale eventhough I wasn't a member. Because of this I'm a fan of their products. Great customer service and love their green tea line. :)

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  29. I never knew about the membership card. Can foreigners who are frequent travelers apply for those cards?

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