Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Etude House Pink Pong Collagen Water

One of the first things that caught my eye when I arrived in Korea was the Pink Pong Collagen Water from Etude House. 

I had already visited many Etude House shops already during my trip but I decided to stop by the one in Gangnam with my cousin just for the Pink Pong Collagen Water. I bought two, one for myself and one for my cousin Bomi.

It cost 1,700 won for 330ml. I even saw it for 2 for 1,700 during sale days. 
It has 1,000mg of collagen in each drink and has 47kcal. 
The drink is peach flavored. 

Would I recommend it?
All I can say is, it's not for me... 
My sister and I were trying to get each other to finish the rest. 
I gave one to my cousin and the next time I met her, she told me she wouldn't drink it again.
She said, "It kind of feels like I'm drinking perfume."

The taste is very artificial. 
Maybe it's the collagen? Something was off about the taste to me. 
The drink had a very artificial peach flavor I couldn't get use to. 

Those of you who like artificial fruit flavors might enjoy it, I personally don't even like fruit flavored candy. 
I've read other reviews where people enjoyed the taste of the drink. I guess it depends on the person. 

I would say try it out and see if you like it or not! 
At least the packaging is super cute ^^

I think I'll stick to skincare with collagen in it~

Has anyone tried Pink Pong? What is your opinion on it? 


  1. This is the first time I heard of Collagen Water and I am not sure whether I should find it horrifying or actually support this product. But the bottle is really eye-catching with the pink colors surrounding it. At first I thought it was a new version of the Collagen Essence instead of something consumable. xD

    I am not sure if I will be testing it out.. since I prefer my drinks to taste "natural". Maybe at night when I am bored and when I actually find a seller who sells this online then I will consider buying it. :p Thank you for your review!

  2. I actually thought your suppose to wash your face with it or something o_0

  3. I've never tasted pink pong before but I've had some sake with collagen in it called Tsunami. It tasted pretty fruity! I think Collagen is tasteless though.

  4. I totally thought this was a toner! o__o (That's way I was also confused with the price, ahha) Never seen this before. xD

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  5. Nice review! I've always been a fan of Etude House products and a sucker for packaging but I've yet to try their collagen water. Will definitely check it out. Thanks! ^___^

  6. Uhm.. I don't think your suppose to drink this lol. I've been putting a small amuont of it on my hand and carefully pat it in my face.

    I may be wrong but I never had the idea of drinking pink pong come into my mind lol.

  7. Hello. I bought this today.
    The expiry date is on december and its only 3 months away from this month
    Is it safe to consume?


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