Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peripera's Peri's Tint Marker Review

Hello~ Today I will be reviewing the new Peri's Tint Marker from Peripera!
The Peri's Tint Marker is one of their newest products.

Description: Peri's tint marker gives lips a long lasting waterproof vivid color. 
Comes in three colors, Plum Stain, Orange Stain, and Pink Stain

The Tint Marker comes in a box which looks like a color pencil. The artwork (character's name is pinky sunny) was designed by graphic designer Mari Kim (she designs for 2ne1). The box is so cute, I couldn't throw it away! 

Isn't it super cute? I love the artwork on it by Mari Kim. 
If i didn't know this was a lip stain, i would mistake it for a marker! 

From top to bottom, Plum Stain, Orange Stain, Pink Stain

Close up of the applicator. 
I really like the applicator because it's easy to apply.  
The pointy tip of the tint marker lets you control and be precise with the application.  

You can even write with the Peri's Tint Marker (I got bored!)

Plum Stain, Pink Stain, Orange Stain on hand

L to R: Pink Stain, Plum Stain, Orange Stain (All three colors are cool toned)
Wondering what the stars are? I covered a pimple! 

The tint marker stains very well and is long lasting. 
 The stain will last even after drinking & eating. 
Peri's tint marker has a light sweet floral smell. 

Overall thoughts: 

Pros: Pointed tip makes application precise & easy 
Mess free
Long lasting vivid color
Strong staining power
Cute packaging
No bleeding over edges of lip line

Cons: Lips feel dry (Applying a lip balm before or after will help)

The Peri's Tint Marker is a good product which I recommend, it is easy to apply and control the color. 
 I especially recommend it to those who don't like the messiness of liquid tints. 
These are my first tint markers and I really prefer these over liquid tints. 
Try these out! You won't be disappointed! 

Where to buy? I purchased mine on Gmarket  as a buy one get one free for 12,700won ($11.74). 
They will give you a free pen which looks exactly the same as the tint marker with every purchase. 


  1. It's so cute and the colors look great!!

    1. The cute packaging is what first convinced me but I really love the color of the stains!

  2. Loving the plum stain! :D and super cute packaging :P

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁

    p.s. Come join my big giveaway! ;D

    1. The plum stain is my favorite out of the three! ^ ^

  3. Love all of the color, but the pink one is my fav <3 ^.^

    1. The color of the pink one is so sweet! ^ ^

  4. It is amazing how good you can see the color on your lips. I did worry a bit about the dryness and it turns out to be true.

    1. The colors show up so good that you don't even need to reapply for the whole day.

  5. great post, these look like a very interesting products:)X

  6. I really love the Orange Stain one...
    Nice review..
    Thanks for the review by the way..

  7. Much love,
    "Keep up your posts :)!!

  8. It really looks like a marker lol omg I love lip tints. I need to get one of these asap. ;__; the Pink Stain is my favorite because it looks so natural and I just really love pink lol
    You just gained a new follower! followed you on GFC and Bloglovin. I really love your blog. :)


  9. I definitely want to buy it! really love ur blog! xoxo

  10. This will really suit if you go to school~
    Just slot it into your pencil case :D
    Thanks for the review!

  11. wow i really want to buy the orange one, the color looks so pretty <3

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼


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