Monday, March 4, 2013

THEFACESHOP Lovely Me:ex My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint Review

Hello, I have a confession to make...
I have a lip tint obsession! 
This makes my wallet very sad but my tinted lips are smiling with happiness. 

My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint(5g) in Juicy Cherry 

Description (from THEFACESHOP): 
1. Natural glow just like your own lips
Its moist water type tint that gently absorbed into your lips makes natural rosy lips
2. Upgraded version of water type tint with strong moisturizing effects
Water Dispersion Gel System that creates an aqua gel network film onto the lips holds moisture and gives smooth & even application
3. Long Lasting liveliness that doesn't need to be reapplied
 Water soluble coloring helps maintain lips lively and well-colored even after eating

My Lips Eat Cherry, I think the name is adorable. Makes me want to eat cherries~

Some of you may be worried about spilling since it is a water based tint.
Good news, I held it upside down for a long time and none of the product spilled. (I was expecting it to spill.)
The texture of the tint is a mix between a liquid tint & a jelly tint. 

From left to right: 
Stained, swatched once, & swatched three times.

The tint is an aqua tint (water based) so the formula is more runny compared to jelly tints.
 The tint is not pigmented as jelly tint, it gives more of a natural finish. 
Since the lip tint is more moisturizing compared to other liquid tints, you can apply it as a cheek stain as well. 

Left: Applied all over, Right: Only in the center + Lip Concealer (Juicy Cherry)

Juicy Cherry is a light and bright red shade, with a slight hint of orange.  
The color is a sheer red, so it looks natural. 

The My Lip Eat Cherry Aqua Tint comes in two colors: Juicy Red, Juicy Cherry

Overall thoughts: 

Pros: Very moisturizing for a liquid tint/stain.
Good for those who want a natural tint.
Tint blends in well with lips. 
Smells delicious (peach scent)! 
Tastes good (Don't ask me why i tasted it...)
You can use it as a cheek tint/stain. 

Cons: The staining power is not too great, you will need to reapply often. 
If you prefer really pigmented tints, this lip tint is sheer. 

Overall, it is a good product. If you want natural looking red lips, try this out.
 I'd say it is a good lip tint for students or younger girls. 
 I would recommend this to those who want a natural look. 


  1. The packaging is adorable but the products look very it easy to apply?

    1. The texture of the tint is a mixture of a jelly tint & liquid tint, it is not too liquidy. I'd say it is easy to apply, it blends in well.

      I followed you blog! Your blog is really cute! ^ ^ I'll have to check out your shop~


  2. I think i would much prefer the Juicy Red,
    I like a deep cherry colour~
    These ones look a bit sheer with 1 application :P
    What lip concealer do you use?


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