Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Gmarket Haul (Innisfree & Peripera)

Hello~ I purchased some items from Gmarket & they arrived this week^ ^
I ordered the items through their website and had it shipped to my cousin's house in Korea, then she shipped it to me. It took 2 days for my cousin to get it from Gmarket, then it took exactly a week for me to get it shipped from her.

I ordered from two brands, Innisfree and Peripera.

Top (L to R): Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick, Peripera Peri's Tint Water
Bottom: (L to R): Peripera Peri's Tint Marker, Peri's Tint Crayon

Don' t the crayons and markers look like school supplies? 

I got the Peripera tints for a great deal, 1+1+1 for 9,900 won. 
You can choose two lip tints (1+1) and you get a free pen(+1). 
For the marker and crayon tint, I did have to pay 1,400 won extra for each of the items. 
So if you purchase two marker tints or crayon tints, the price will be 12,700 won.  

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick (Review)

Also, I purchased three creamy tint lipsticks from Innisfree after seeing great reviews from Korean bloggers. 
You can see my review here~ The Innisfree creamy tint lipsticks are 12,000 won each. 

The free pen that comes with the lip tints looks exactly the same as the marker tints. Isn't it cute? 
Anyone else a fan of Mari Kim? (She designs for 2ne1 as well)

Peripera gave me this nail polish for free with my purchase in RD702 Chic Red. It's a burgundy red shade (I will review it soon!). 

 Innisfree gave me this olive real cleansing care kit for free with my purchase. 

This is what was inside the olive real cleansing kit: cleansing tissue, cleansing foam, and cleansing oil. 
I love Korean Brands because they give so many freebies!  

^ ^
I'm really happy I got some of the items on my wishlist (my bank account is sad!). If you are looking for Korean products, I would check out Gmarket if you are going to order alot, if not I would check out Ebay. 
I will try to review the Peripera items as soon as possible! 

What makeup products have you purchased lately? I'm always open for recommendations about great products~ 


  1. innisfree has such pretty packaging! :D

    1. It's so simple and pretty~ I love pretty packaging ^ ^

  2. Wow, very nice things you got. I'm really jealous, I cannot buy those cosmetics because there's no shop in my hometown which would sell them.
    Pretty nice blog btw.

    Keep bloggin'

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! There are no shops where I live too so I have to order them either through Gmarket or Ebay.

      You take really nice pictures! I'm a new follower :)

  3. Ohh what a great haul *_* This innisfree lip tints looks so beautiful^^

    1. Thanks :) Your blog is great! I'm a new follower ^ ^

  4. The packaging is so cute! Innisfree has Yoona as the spokesperson too right? That's amazing! ^^

    1. Yes, Yoona is the spokesperson. She is so pretty!
      I love the meaning behind your blog name!

  5. They all look so cute *__* YOU always have the best products ^^

    1. Thank you~ ^ ^ You have the best circle lenses!

  6. I bought the Peripera crayons too. They look so adorable. :)

  7. Oh mai,
    I thought the tint crayons were markers.
    Like, legit markers LOLOLOL XD..

  8. peripera's packaging. omg it's too cute
    korean products has the most adorable packaging ever /crying

  9. I love innisfree products and the lip tint is a must buy for me!
    Please do a review on the orange one :)

    1. I've done a review on all the products up there~ which lip tint are you looking for a review for?


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