Friday, March 15, 2013

One sunny friday

Hello! The weather today was so nice here in Cali. It's definitely spring season! 
I am loving spring. The pretty flowers, the cherry blossom trees, the warmth, and the nice breeze is all so wonderful. 

To celebrate this beautiful day, I went on a hike with my dogs. I wish I took my camera with me because it was so pretty. I took some pictures of the dogs with my mom's phone instead. We had tons of fun but we are all super tired from our hour & thirty minute hike. I will sleep like a baby tonight!

The dogs were resting beneath a tractor for shade (look at how tired Kobi looks!).
My dog Kobi (the white poodle) came home as a gray (very dirty) poodle after the hike! 

Song of the day:
Busker Busker- Cherry Blossom Ending
Perfect song to go with the lovely spring weather today!
Anyone else a Busker Busker fan? 

It was such a lovely day today~ How did everyone spend their day or how are you planning to spend it? ^ ^


  1. Cute dogs ^^

  2. Your doggies are gorgeous! So cute! ^^ It's night over here in the UK, but ran this morning then did a little studying. Nothing too exciting unfortunately! What are your dogs called? :D

    1. Thank you! The poodle's name Kobi & the pomeranian's name is Lucky. Your day sounds very productive, I need to start running in the morning!


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