Sunday, March 3, 2013

Missha The Style Neon Tint Gloss Review

Hello there~ 

Today, I will be reviewing the Neon Tint gloss from Missha The Style.
This Neon Tint Gloss is perfect for those who like to apply clear lip gloss after applying tint. 
Why? It's a lip tint + lip gloss in one! 

Missha The Style Neon Tint Gloss- Crystal Pink & Marine Blue
Description: Non-sticky gloss tint with 3D neon pearls and a customized color changing effect. 

7-free mild formula for your lips: Mineral oil-free, Surfactant-free, Benzophenon-free, Talc-free,
Ethanol-free, Synthetic fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any ingredients derived from animals.

Comes in 4 colors: Amber Coral, Muse Red, Crystal Pink, & Marine Blue

The tint gloss comes with a applicator. 
I really like the applicator, it is soft and applies the tint gloss well. 

Left to Right: Marine Blue, Crystal Pink

Marine Blue turns into a pink color and has blue shimmer.
Crystal Pink turns into a hot pink shade and has pink shimmer. 

Left: 5 minutes after application
Right: Tint gloss removed with a tissue (to show how it stains)

The picture was taken about 5 minutes after application. 
About 15 minutes later, the color became more vibrant. 
I wish I had taken pictures as it got more vibrant but i forgot! :(

If you want a stronger color changing effect, you just have to apply more.
Warning: Do not apply too much at once, the color turns more vibrant as time goes by. 

Overall thoughts

Pros: The tint gloss is fun! (Changes color & becomes more vibrant)
Lip tint + lip gloss in one
Long lasting color and shine
Color stays on even after the shine is gone
Doesn't feel sticky 

Pro or con? (you decide!) The color will not come off unless you SCRUB it off.

Cons: No scent & flavor (I prefer lip products to have a scent or flavor)

I expected the tint gloss not to be long lasting but I was really wrong! It is probably one of the  longest lasting lip tints I've used. Even after the shine/gloss goes away, my lips were still tinted for hours. The color even stayed on after I washed my face! 

I really recommend it! 


  1. The blue, color changing lip gloss looks interesting.

    1. It's really cool! Have you tried any color changing lip tints?

  2. The Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bar number 8 that I have reviewed on my blog has that effect too. But the blue gel turning pink is more amazing. :)

  3. So lovely *___*

    1. Thanks~ I'm a new follower of your blog ^ ^

  4. hihi looks like candy ^^. You may like their signature glam triple lips :) check out my review here:

  5. Colour changing tints are sooo cool!
    Especially when its like blue to red/pink!
    Would love to try it one day~
    Thanks for the swatches <3


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