Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Korea Trip: Jaebudo Island, Gunpyeongri fish market, & foooood.

I'm back in the States :( 5 weeks passed by way too quick! I want to go back to Korea already. 
I will post more pictures from my trip and share my hauls now that I am back.

The rather crude concrete bridge leading to the island is underwater half the day, so traffic back and forth is allowed only twice a day: in the morning, from 7:00 am until 11:30 am, and in the evening from 6:40 pm until 1:00 am. (

As you walk along, they have mini shops where they sell snacks, drinks, korean style hot dogs, and fried spicy rice cake (dduk kkochi). I was very tempted to eat something but decided to save my stomach for seafood! 

My cousin posing for the camera~ 

After Jaebudo Island, we headed to Gunpyeongri fish market to eat seafood. At the fish market, you can choose what you want to eat and they will cook it for you right away and sit you on the tables outside of the market. 

Fish Market, Gunpyeongri

Time to eat!

Appetizers & Sea Urchin on the left

The rice cakes in the middle were my favorite! The red beans inside were so good. 
The green things look like noodles but they were actually a type of seaweed. 

Hwe (Raw Fish)

Spicy clams

Seafood Kalgooksoo 

After eating too much we headed to Suwon to watch a the movie Secretly and Greatly at the AK Plaza.
I really recommend the movie, Kim Soo Hyun is a really great actor! 

The next day we rested at my Aunt's house and watched reruns of Hidden Singer. Does anyone watch Hidden Singer? It's such a great show! 
 For lunch we went out to eat Korean style chinese food but I forgot to take my camera! For dinner, my aunt made us Kimbap. It was so gooooooooood, I'm currently craving my Aunt's Kimbap and her kimchi dumplings. I didn't get to eat her kimch dumplings this year but I can still remember the taste from my 2012 Korea trip. DRROOOOLS...  

Kimbap!!! Sorry for the horrible picture quality, I was too excited to eat my Aunt's kimbap. 

My absolute favorite Radish Kimchi! She made this just for me because I love it so much~
She even packed some for my sister and I to take with us back to Seoul. 

Odeng (Fish Cake) soup.

All my picture are food pictures! LOL
I promise I will post more scenery pictures in my next posts. 
Since I visit Korea often, my trips mainly consist of EATING, SHOPPING, EATING, EATING, and EATING. 
Way too much eating~ 

Looking back at these photos, I feel hungry right now...


  1. Wow! It looks so yummy ^-^ Thank you for sharing!!!

    - kat

  2. What?! You watched a movie at AK Plaza in Suwon?! That's so close to where I live!

    1. My aunt lives about 20-30 minutes away. She lives in the countryside in Hwaseong, pass Bal An. I'm not sure if you know where that is. That's where I used to live when I was younger. I'm so jealous you live in Korea! Which university do you attend?

    2. Oops, not university! I meant what area do you teach in?

    3. I've been out to Hwaseong a few times but I've never heard of Bal An.

      I teach in Suwon. By the way, if you have any questions about teaching in Korea, feel free to ask me any time. I can definitely answer questions about the public sector.

  3. I scrolled back up to finish reading the rest of your post lol I was so excited to leave a comment when I saw "Suwon" and "AK Plaza" so I couldn't contain my excitement and posted before I had finish your entire post.

    I also watch Hidden Singer whenever the re-runs come on TV. Which episodes did you catch? I've only seen the ones of Park Jung Hyun (perhaps my favorite since it was so funny), Lee Soo Young, Baek Ji Young and Yoon Min Soo (Vibe). All of them were pretty entertaining.

  4. I really love u made the picture become gif, nice post (y) looking the pict makes me hungry


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