Monday, June 24, 2013

So far in Korea part 3!

Hello~ I just came back today from Busan today. I also went to Jeonju last week and spent the other days meeting my cousins. I have a lot to share but I will separate them into different posts. 

I hope you enjoy ^^ 

I don't have much pictures from Garosugil because I didn't spend too much time there. Garosugil is a street full of shops and cafes. The best part of Garosugil was eating at School Food. I recommend eating at a school food if you visit Korea! The Garosugil location had different language menu books and most of the customers inside were foreigners.

A really pretty boutique at Garosugil. (The only picture I took in Garosugil)

School Food: 

Strawberry Cotton Athie, 5,000 Won
 It tasted like strawberry and cotton candy soda, it was so goooood! I want to try the other two which are ruby orange and pineapple blue athie. The drink comes in a huge jar which is enough for 2-3 people. 

Special Mari II, 7,500 Won
The black roll is the Squid ink roll with squid inside, the middle one is a spam roll, and the orange one is flying fish roe eggs. I wouldn't order this again, it tastes like kimbap you can eat anywhere else in Korea... nothing special. 

Street Topokki 5,500 Won
The waiter warned my sister and I constantly that the Topokki is really spicy but we ignored his warning and in the end we suffered. It was really delicious that we couldn't stop eating it! If you really love spicy foods, I really recommend the street Topokki. If you can't eat super spicy foods, they have other Topokki as well like Carbonara Topokki and Cheese Topokki. 

Then we headed to Gangnam to meet my cousins!
We met my Cousin Bomi early around 5 and she took us to a cafe called Coco Bruni. 

Coco Bruni: 

Persimmon Patbingsoo 12,000 Won
OMG, YOU MUST TRY THIS! This is the best patbingsoo I've ever tasted. 
It has frozen persimmon, dried persimmon, persimmon ice cream, red beans, and mochi. 
The combination of persimmon and red beans is to die for! 

Blueberry Cheesecake
I personally don't like blueberry but I really enjoyed this cheesecake. It had a very soft mousse texture and it was the perfect mix of blueberry and cheese. Coco Bruni is very popular for their cakes, especially their chocolate cakes. 

After eating our delicious patbingsoo and cake we headed to Samsung Plaza to meet our other cousins at Mad for Garlic.

If you visit Korea, you should definitely visit Coco Bruni! 

After Coco Bruni we went to the Samsung Plaza to eat at Mad for Garlic. 

Mad for Garlic:
I don't remember the names or prices because my cousin ordered the food but if you love Garlic you must try Mad for Garlic. I went here last year when I visited Korea and really enjoyed the food. 

Next Day...
The next day my sister and I went to the Coex mall while my cousins were working. 

We stopped by Tous Les Jours to eat breakfast before heading to Coex. I chose the bacon and cheese bread and my sister chose a kimchi croquette. We both didn't like our choices because they were too oily.

 Coex Mall
COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia and is connected to several exhibition halls, a convention center, a hotel, a department store and an office building. The mall houses around 260 stores and leisure facilities including fashion, beauty, entertainment and cultural spaces, and offers a pleasurable one-stop shopping experience, regardless of the weather. (

My cousin gave us free tickets to the Coex Aquarium so we went there first. We picked the worst day to visit because there were many preschools visiting and it was crazy! All I could hear and see were children running around and screaming. 

We were more excited to escape the aquarium because of all the kids, 

After visiting the aquarium and shopping we decided to eat at Nolboo Budaejjigae
It was 7,500 won per person. The bbudaejjigae didn't have enough cheese for my liking. For more cheese you have to pay 1,000 won for two slices of cheddar cheese. 

After walking around Coex we met up with my cousin and headed to Sadang to eat dinner before leaving to meet my Aunt and Uncle in Gyeonggido. 

We went to Chicken Mania near Sadang Station to eat dinner. 

Shrimp Chicken 
This has to be one of the best yangnyum chicken I've eaten in Korea. The sauce is so good! 
It also has fried shrimp along with the Chicken.

 Garlic Chicken & Regular Fried Chicken
Not as good as the shrimp chicken but still very yummy. 

And this wasn't the end... We stopped by Krispy Kreme in front of the Sadang Bus Station to get donuts to take with us to our Aunt & Uncle's  house. 

I spent the next two days with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. We went to Jaebudo Island and watched a movie at the AK Plaza. (I'll post about this and my trip to Jeonju in my next post!) 

I'll also write about my hauls soon~

Isn't this a lot of food for only two days? I lost about 7kg before coming to Korea but I gained 5kg back over the past weeks from too much eating. I'm definitely going on a diet when I get back to the states! 

Hope you enjoy the post! ^^


  1. OMG I'm drooling while looking ur picture <3 they look soo delicious, I want to eat donuts, the chicken, and tteokbokki (y)

    1. I'm drooling right now looking back at my pictures! I miss the food so much!~

  2. i like the setting in school food :D

    1. It was my first time there and I really liked it!

  3. Just looking at your pictures makes me feel hungry!!!

  4. sooo much delicious food! *_* looks so pretty too!!

  5. Sally, you're so super lucky to go to Korea! Ahhh the food! ;n;
    I was going to go to Korea this summer as well, but had some health problems hit me last month, so I cancelled my ticket. T__T


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    1. I hope you can visit soon! I will def follow you~

  6. School Food is one of my favorite places to eat!

    It's hard not to eat when you travel, isn't it? =) Glad to see you're having a good time in Korea!

    1. Yes! I loose control of myself and I eat everything. I really like your blog, I'm a new follower ^^

  7. i really wanted to go there =)

    1. I really recommend it! You must try the super spicy tteokbboki!

  8. ahhh i want go there! the food looks so yummy :P


    I think there's a School Food in Koreatown, LA too! I'm sure it's nowhere as good as the one in Korea though!

    1. I heard there was one in Ktown but I've never been to it.
      I must go now when I crave their spicy tteokbokki!

  10. Uwahhh all the foods!!!!!!!! Grahh im hungry nao! Haha im going to seoul in july i'll make sure to check out places you went! Hihi

    I blogged about my life in South Korea, fashion and beauty related, please kindly check them out!

    1. Have fun~ I'm so jealous you go to school in Korea!

  11. I just discovered your blog on bloglovin'! All the food looks sooo delicious =O
    Hope you're having a wonderful time there!

  12. oh my goood,,,,,,all that food makes my mouth watering :-D
    you really have a great time in korea <3 im your new followers

  13. Wow!! The food looks so good!!! Make me want to visit there more =^-^=
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' and gfc??

    - kat

  14. wow oh wow all that food looked amazing, the donuts were unreal, ineed to come there!!!


  15. ahh! So much Yummy food!!!

    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC?
    Please visit my blog and let me know! see you!

  16. Aww~ the food looks soo good! Yummy^^


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