Thursday, July 25, 2013

Style Nanda: 3 Concept Eyes One Color Shadow (Shimmer) in Saturn

During my trip to Korea, I went to Hongdae with my cousins to visit the Style Nanda Flagship store. The store is AMAZING, especially their makeup section! It reminds me of the MAC store, you can try on all the makeup and there is a worker who will help you try on the cosmetics. 

One of the items that really caught my eyes was the 3ce one color shadow in Saturn. I had never tried a burgundy colored eye-shadow before and when I tried it on I just knew I had to have it. I've been wearing this color almost every day since I got it. I'm one of those people who will use a certain product constantly and abandon all my other cosmetics until a new obsession happens. Too much talking... now let's get to the review~ 

Image from Style Nanda website

Product Description (from the Style Nanda website): This fine textured shimmer eye-shadow will look great on Asians. (I'm sure all other nationalities too!) One touch is all you'll need to have a clear and defined pearlescent color. Have a structured and glamorous eye makeup with this item! 

Price: 11,000 won or $12.11 USD

Saturn is a burgundy with pink shimmers according to the Style Nanda website. 
I think Saturn is a true burgundy because the pink is not too visible when applied. 

3ce eyeshadows come in 4 different textures: matte, luster, glitter, and shimmer. 

The packaging is very similar to Mac eyeshadows but these are way bigger.
The size of the 3ce eyeshadows are almost the same size as Mac's blushes. 
Because the size is big, I don't think I will have to repurchase this any time soon.

Ingredients for Saturn from the Style Nanda website

Applied once, Applied several times

The eyeshadow applies very smoothly and doesn't have any fallout. 

Saturn is very similar to Mac's cranberry eyeshadow and NYX's Rust. 
For more information on Mac's cranberry & Nyx's rust, visit Jess' blog:

Lightly applied

Since it is summer time, I wear it very lightly with a gold eye-shadow. (I will try to upload a picture soon!)
The burgundy color goes very well with brown, pink, orange, and khaki eye shadows. I've tried both a orange and pink lipstick with the eye shadow, but in my opinion shades of pink look better. 

Heavily applied

These pictures are of Style Nanda's Sora wearing the color Saturn. Isn't the color gorgeous? 
I like to wear it with a plum lip tint (Aritaum cushion tint in Adela) for a smokier look or a pink lip tint for daily wear. I am looking forward to wearing this in the fall, because the color reminds me of the fall season. 

There are a total of 9 colors in the shimmer line. 

Pros: Vibrant Color
No fallout or falling shimmers
Long Lasting
Easy to apply, very smooth
The product is bigger than most eyeshadows, so it should last a very long time

Cons: No ingredients listed on the box (You can find it on their website)
Can only be bought on their website or at their store

Overall thoughts:
I am really impressed with this eye shadow. I think Saturn is a very unique color but it is very wearable.
I am super sad I didn't purchase other colors because the quality of these eye-shadows are really great. 
I'm already planning to buy more of 3ce products because I am very impressed with this eye shadow! 


  1. Whoawhoa, this eyeshadow looks absolutely amazing! I don't really wear eyeshadow at all, but darn - I definitely want to pick this up! o.o <3 Such a pretty colour, thank you for reviewing it Sally!~

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  2. Wow~ I thought I will never try such a bold color, but I changed my mind now, thanks for the review Sally ~

  3. Ohh I love this color!!! Maybe I shall buy it ^-^ Thank you for showing me ^_^

  4. That's such a beautiful color! I don't like wearing eyeshadows but I want this!
    Thanks for the review:)

  5. wow the burgundy color is so pretty! i never wear this colour on my eyes too >.<

  6. Ooh the burgundy color is really pretty! I want one now ;w; </3 why do I have to be broke ;w;

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  8. I really like the brand 3CE. YThe colours are so pretty! Follow for a follow?

  9. Thank you for this helpful review!!! Lately... Im so in love with burgundy color!! I think it's the new black to me <3
    Im loving your reviews btw <3
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  10. yep you just convinced my to get my hands on these eyeshadows :p


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