Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hello everyone! I am finally back after a month break from blogging~ With family friends over from Korea and the start of a new semester, It's been a hectic one month for me. Enough about me... 

Today I want to introduce to you MOOTTA.COM! 
For those of you who love or have an interest in Korean fashion, beauty, music, culture, and etc. I am really excited to share with you about MOOTTA.COM. 

MOOTTA promises to bring the latest and most popular Korean trends right to your doorsteps! (That is a lot of money saved on plane tickets!) They offer the newest and popular beauty products, clothes and accessories from Korea. 

What is MOOTTA?  (From the MOOTTA website) 
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"Mootta" is the English transliteration of the Korean word "ask". 
At Mootta we are constantly asking: what's new, what's stylish, who and what are setting the trends?  We also believe everyone is different and that's what makes every one of us special.  So we also ask: what's suitable for an individual's style?
The results of our curiosity are what you see on our website.  
Our team is based in Seoul and we represent South Korean fashion designers and brands of clothes, shoes, accessories and bags, some of whom were Project Runway Korea finalists. 
Our designers set the trends in South Korea.  We work closely with and are supplied directly by our designers.  Their collections are all manufactured in South Korea.  As a result, you can rest assured about the quality and authenticity of our items.
We hope you enjoy what our designers and we have to offer.

Mootta offers beauty products that are currently popular and also products that have always been loved by the Korean beauty community. 

 Mootta sells beauty products that have been reviewed and recommended by the Get It Beauty show (#1 beauty show in Korea). As you probably already know, I am a big fan of Get It Beauty and their blind tests! My favorite part about Mootta is that they carry the products that were recommended by Get It Beauty. I know I can trust these products because they have been tested out and recommended by a group of women just like us (women of all ages, different skin types, and etc).  

I really like how they label the items recommended by Get It Beauty and the rank of the items. 

Mootta also offers a variety of clothing, accessories, and bags from many different designers and brands from Korea. 

What do I love? Mootta carries the designs and products of many unique, talented designers. From girly to chic, Mootta's clothing and accessories can be worn by women(even men!) of all age ranges. This is the great thing about Mootta, they offer products suitable for everyone. 

Mootta offers free shipping over 50$! 

Don't forget to LIKE their facebook page for giveways, contests, and more! 


  1. Welcome back, Sally! And ah, I'm just beginning to hear more and more about MOOTTA! *u* Thanks for the info~ ^-^

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  3. Thanks for the informations, it look like a shop that I can check out <3
    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

  4. i need to get on the cc cream trainn with everyone else xx

  5. It's not good reading this. I might check out the website and buy some stuff. :X

  6. Hey thanks for sharing!! The website looks nice!! I will check it out!!

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