Monday, February 18, 2013

Etude Missing U Hand Cream (I can fly!) Review

Credit: Etude House

Etude has been very successful with their Missing U campaign in helping endangered animals. Now it's seasons 3! This time around the campaign will help endangered birds. 

Description: The Hand Cream claims to keep your hand moist for a long time and has excellent moisturizing properties (shea butter). 
4-Free: No parabens, sulfate, ethanol, & mineral oil
Contains 6 organic ingredients: Aloe, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Chamomile, Centella, Marshmallow Root   

The adorable packaging~
 Left: Very Berry Cherry (Eagle Owl), Right: Sunny Sunny Apple (Kakapo Parrot) 

Ingredients listed on the box

The packaging is made with 100% recycled paper and printed with soy ink. 

Inside product (30ml)

Overall thoughts: 
The hand cream leaves my hand soft without feeling greasy. 
It is very light-weight and does the job of leaving your hands soft and smelling like fruity goodness. But... there is not much product inside and it will run out fast for me. I wish these came with a spatula because I think it is unhygienic.   

My favorite thing about them? They smell delicious and it reminds me of yogurt!~ Plus the packaging is too cute! My favorite of the two is the Sunny Sunny Apple! It really smells like  apples! 

Credit: Etude House

Not only are these hand creams adorable, a portion of the profits through the the UNEP Korea Birds will be donated to research institutions. 
While you keep your hands soft and smelling good, you can also help these cute birdies from extinction. 


  1. I'm thinking of grabbing one of these! They're too adorable!

    1. You definitely should! They are so adorable and for a good cause!

  2. What are the blue and yellow called and smell like?
    And yogurty hand creams sounds interesting!
    Love the non-greasy part though:)

    1. I'm not too sure about the blue & yellow ones. (Sorry!)
      I really like this hand cream because it doesn't leave a sticky feeling.

  3. I discovered your blog when I was looking for reviews on these hand creams. I ordered the pink eagle owl and I love it! They are a bit smaller than I expected, but with that cute packaging, who cares, right? lol! :-)

    1. Yes, it is pretty small but the packaging makes up for it!
      I am thinking of putting some of my stud earrings in it after I use it all up.


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