Friday, February 22, 2013

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Waterful Mist Review

Hello~ I want to introduce the Aqua Aura Waterfull Mist from Tony Moly! 

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Waterful Mist Credit: Tony Moly

I purchased the mist in June of 2012 when I went to Korea. 
After walking around in the humid weather, the worker at Tony Moly sprayed this on my hand & I immediately put one in my basket! The Aqua Aura Waterful mist helped my face feel cool the whole time I was in Korea. I bought another one as soon as I ran out! 

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Waterful Mist (85ml)
The mist contains 100% Mineral Water
5 Free Formula : No Parabens, Mineral oil, Benzophenone , Artificial Dyes, & Animal IngredientsI have combination, sensitive, and acne prone skin and the 5 free formula helps not to aggravate my skin.

The mist sprays very evenly and does not leave my face looking patchy.

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Waterful Mist (85ml)
The blue color of the mist makes my skin feel cool and hydrated just by looking at it~
I first purchased the mist only for the cooling purpose but I am amazed at how my skin looks after! I use it all year long now. In the winter when my skin gets dry, it helps my face feel and look hydrated. In the summer, I have very oily skin and the mist gives my skin a nice glow while controlling my oil. 

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Waterful Mist Before & After

HOLY :O Look at how dry my hands look before! I took the picture in the same lighting about 2-3 minute after I sprayed the mist. As you can see, my hands look softer and moist after applying  the mist. (Please excuse the orange & pink lip tint swatches~)

I have seen it on ebay for $10-$12 dollars. I think the price is good compared to American mists which are normally $20+. I prefer this over the Mac Fix Plus, which leaves my face feeling oily. 

Overall thoughts:
The Aqua Aura mist is good all year long. It keeps my skin moisturized without feeling greasy. It helps control my oil.  It feels very lightweight and absorbs easily onto my skin. I love the clean scent of the product. The packaging is very nice and simple, the size of the mist is perfect to carry around. 

I really recommend this mist to all skin types! 


  1. I have never tried this cos ive been sticking to my favourite facial mist/toner for 2 years already and its THEFACESHOP pure water facial mist~
    Its also really good for oily skin (which i tend to have in summer) and smells really nice:P Leaves make up longer lasting if you use it after applying all your make up. And leaves your skin soft and moist if you apply before make up :)
    Has a slight tingling/cooling effect after its sprayed and reall wakes your tired skin up~ Comes in 3 lovely scents too - jeju marine, jeju flower and jeju orange! I love the jeju marine one, fresh ocean scent *_*

    1. I love mists that have a cooling effect! Especially in the summer when I visit Korea because it is so humid. I will have to try it out this summer when I visit Korea, thanks for the info! ^^

  2. does it suit for dry skin?

    would u mind to follow each other?

    1. Yes, I think it would work for dry skin but you might prefer the pink one (Luminous Goddess Aura Make Up Mist) from Tony Moly.


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