Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get It Beauty Blind Test: Hot Pink Nail Polish

Today's Get It Beauty's Blind Test was on Hot Pink Nail Polish. With the summer weather coming, I think hot pink is a great color to wear on your nails. 

What is a blind test? Every week beauty experts picks 5 products from a certain category, then the audience and online voters get to vote on which product is the best. The audience does not get to know the brand of the product until after they vote, which is the reason why it is called a blind test. 

The scores for this week's blind test was based on pigment, application, and how fast the polish dries. 

The List: 

1. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish Rose Exuberant 519.
13ml/ 32000 Won
222/300 Points

2. Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha ARE01 
10ml/ 2500 Won
216/300 Points

3. Bourjois One Second Nail- T7 Rouge Cerise
9ml/ 15000 Won
214/300 Points

3. Espoir Nail Color- Pink Pepper
10ml/ 7000 Won
180/300 Points

5. A'pieu Aurora Nail Touch PK01
8/5ml/ 3000 Won
176/ 300 Points

Which product catches your eyes the most? 
I really want to try the Skinfood Nail Vita one!

*I haven't been posting much lately because I've been busy with my job and school. I promise I will post a lot when the semester is over. Also, I will be heading to South Korea at the end of May for 5 weeks. So during those five weeks, my blog will consists of posts about Korea and Korean makeup products. (Please give me some recommendations on what I should post about when I am in South Korea!)


  1. I like the Skin Food one, cheap but also very cute packaging and i heard so many good things about skin food polishes (;

    1. I have a couple skin food polishes and I think they are awesome, especially for the price!

  2. I love Skinfood! So far all the nail polishes I've tried from them have been really nice. :) And at that price, it's really even better.

    1. Yeah, I agree! They have good products for a really reasonable price.

  3. I also like the Skin Food one, aside from cute packaging it's probably much cheaper than Chanel too. xD hehe
    Ohh Have fun in Korea! Maybe other than makeup you can share some foods you eat there? I love Korean food. ^^

    1. I will definitely post about all the food I eat & the places I visit! Thanks for the recommendation~

  4. Hot pink is perfect for the summer! I have a few, but none of the ones mentioned here. I might just have to try the Skinfood one.

    Growing up with American (and Americanised) cosmetics brands, I've only recently (last fall) discovered Korean brands and I've been slowly developing an obsession with them. I don't wear much makeup so for me it's mostly BB creams and lip tints, but I love all kind of product reviews.

    1. I'm Korean American, so i grew up with both Korean and American products. I like American brands but their packaging is so boring compared to Korean ones! I love American foundations though, BB creams don't help my oily face. I have to say Korea has the best lip tints!

  5. I've been looking for a hot pink nail polish so yay :p
    the nail polish packaging for skinfood is adorable!

  6. where do u watch the getitbeauty the updated one ? is it including english subtitle :D ? I've been looking but cant find a good database :(

    1. I watch it without subtitles on a Korean website. Sorry, I don't know any sites that have it with English subs.

    2. Ah thats ok too, mind to share ? :)

    3. Yes the website is

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