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Lioele L'cret Miracle Magic Lipstick (Fanta Orange) *Sponsored Post

Hello Everyone~ WOOO! It's friday, the start of my weekend! ^ ^

Lioele Texas was very kind and sent me the L'cret Miracle Magic Lipstick in Fanta Orange. I previously reviewed the L'cret Miracle Magic Lipstick in Sexy Red (which was not sponsored). I was so excited when I received the lipstick because I had wanted to try the other colors. This review will be short since I already reviewed the product, so click on the link above for a detailed review~

Let's get started!

Description (From Lioele): 

Lioele L'Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick is a hypoallergenic long lasting waterproof mood lipstick with SPF14. The lipstick is paraben-free, lasts for at least 12 hours and is non-transferable and kiss-proof. 

This fade-resistant and innovative formula works on every skin tone to give you a customized color that lasts all day because the lipstick transforms into a color that suits your complexion and mood as it reacts with your skin's pH level to create a customized shade. 

Lastly, this lipstick's soft texture goes on smoothly and stays longer because it contains the following: hippophae rhamnoides oil which supplies vitamin and is an all natural anti-oxidant which protects and balances your lip's level of moisture; white form complex which maintains moisture and elasticity with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower seed complex; vegetable oil complex helps keep the shine and instantly rejuvenates and hydrates dry and flaky lips; seabuckthorn fruit extract; squalene which protects and keeps the skin smooth; and collagen which helps restore elasticity and soothes your lips.

This is a six-in-one lipstick with seven different features: It is a (1) lip balm, (2) lip color, (3) lip tint, (4) lipstick, (5) lip treatment, and (6) it has UV protection of SPF14. (7) The color will change depending on the lipstick color and your individual mood and pH levels.

Fanta Orange-->Peach Pink: Makes your lips fresh and lively with acacia fragrance and fresh orange color. Lipstick color changes from orange to Peach Pink 

The L'cret Miracle Magic Lipstick comes in two different containers which you can choose based on your preference. Lioele sent me the diamond shape container but the one I had already (Sexy Red) is in the square shape container. I personally like the diamond shape container better, it is so pretty! 

The top is a clear white to black gradient and the container is a metallic pink. 

I was skeptical about the color changing properties because the color of the lipstick was such a bright orange but it really changed colors. I was really amazed when it changed into a peach color. (Color changing lipsticks are so cooool!)

Applied on my hands (Left: Once, Right: Three times)

The lipstick turns into a peachy pink when applied on the lips. (Applied twice)
*The lipstick is a mood lipstick which means it will look different on everyone depending on their skin's pH level.

Overall thoughts:  

Pros: Applies super smoothly
Super long lasting & moisturizing
It has the vivid pigmentation of a lipstick and the moisture of a lip balm
Strong staining power (The color was still there after I ate an apple & watermelons) 
Good ingredients that keep lips protected
SPF 14
The pretty packaging
Color is buildable 

Cons: None! 

In my previous post, I gave Sexy Red a con because it didn't change into a red as promised but Fanta Orange really changed into the peachy pink it promised. 

I really like the L'cret Miracle Magic Lipsticks! I want it in all of the colors now~ You only have to apply once or twice throughout the day, it will last you the whole day. I'm very impressed! 

Where to buy:

The L'cret Miracle Magic Lipstick can be purchased for $21.50 from Lioele Texas' Website.

Lioele Texas is the official distributor of Lioele cosmetics in the United States. Lioele Texas offers free shipping on all orders above $50. 

-Enter coupon code SALLYSAYZLIOELE for 15% off your purchase!

*The product was sent to me by Lioele Texas for review purposes, however I am not affiliated with the company, and my reviews are my honest opinion


  1. Congrats on your first sponsor post ^.^
    thanks for the review(;

  2. Looks awesome :) I remember those mood lipsticks from when I was a teen (in the 90's, yup I am so old) and they were like light blue or green or something crazy in the tube and when applies they were supposed to turn into something that "suits you" but they turned into something so bright that hurted the eyes and wouldn't go off by washing xD.
    The one you reviewed proves that improvement in mood lippies has happened.. ;D
    xo, Lara

    1. I totally remember what you are talking about! They were a bright blue and they smelled and looked really weird. I'm glad they have come a long way since then. I love color changing products, they are so awesom! ^ ^

  3. really beautyfull on your lips!
    Amazing! Grate look and kisses!

  4. This turns into a beautiful shade.

    1. It turns into a peachy pink which is so pretty and perfect for the spring & summer!

  5. Cute packaging! The color is nice too.

    1. The packaging is so cute, it makes me feel like a princess!

  6. Wah, it sounds interesting! Maybe I should try it one day ^~^

    1. You should! The L'cret lipsticks are so cool~

  7. Wow this lipstick looks great! I like Lioele's products and I've been looking for some nice lipstick lately... So I might try this one. :)
    Btw I love your blog, gotta follow you. <3 ^^

    1. You should try it! It comes in many different colors too~
      Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back! ^^

  8. This color looks so pretty. Never tested a mood lipstick, really sounds interesting :)

    1. Color changing lip products are so cool, everytime I apply I am so fascinated!

  9. Its a pretty coral colour, looks great on you!

    1. Thanks! I've been wearing it very often.

  10. Ive been thinking about getting one! I was thinking sexy red but i saw that it dodnt work :(

  11. I'm so excited to receive my package! I ordered the orange, red and yellow. I hope it will work for me!


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